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Amsoil is an industry leader in lubrication for over 35 years, offers oils, transmission and other automotive fluids and filters, both air and oil. Amsoil was the first to introduce an API approved synthetic automotive oil in 1972. Since then they have led the way in Synthetic lubrication technology. Amsoil founder, A.J. Amatuzio, has never accepted a lower standard to help boost profits and never will. This theory can be seen in all of the products we offer from engine oils and filters to air filters, to our industry leading diesel oils and by pass filters kits. We also offer synthetic transmission fluids and gear oils that help lengthen drive line component life by reducing temperatures and protecting those critical parts better than conventional fluids. Let us show you how economical synthetic fluids can be. Most customers see cost savings when switching to Amsoil, even though the initial cost may seem higher.
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Amsoil offers superior protection for drive trains and differentials. See how it compares to the leading oils.
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